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I have been playing and singing since my very early days. Piano has been my second nature, a friend, a comforter, joy and occasionally also pain when trying to get to the bottom of the Sibelius piano works. I figured out how to play chords myself and created my own way of playing and accompanying when I was less than ten years old. Despite the many attempts with various teachers I have a very little formal education on actual piano playing  – I would rather call my playing piano exploring.

So within this blog I’ll explore different parts of singing and playing every now and then. I’ll add clips as they arise. Since these are my first streamings and video bloggings EVER I have decided to keep things real and publish the material and thoughts as they come without much editing or technical finesses. Instead I’ll let the process show and hope these clips will bring you joy and inspiration on your own musical journey.

The comments are open, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts, wishes and questions as they may arise, or just say hi if you happened to pop by!


Part 1

– Practising mic technique with your hand, having fun testing and exploring

Part 2

– working on vowels and consonants, bringing it all to a song

Part 3

– some influences

Mark Murphy in action. This was one of his very last performances.

Kurt Elling‘s microphone technic is subtle and sensitive yet very much following Mark Murphy’s style… You could start at 5:00 or watch from the beginning.