A musician of Finnish origin, Sanni Orasmaa is an internationally acknowledged Interpret, Composer and Educator.



Sanni’s work draws from emotional honesty and a desire to explore the role and boundaries of the human voice in connection to the natural environment. The descendant of folk singers and fiddlers, her musical roots took hold early in life through family gatherings, piano lessons and choirs. By the age of 10, singing became her key vehicle for self-expression.

A Helsinki native, Sanni’s voice has been heard in several recordings and productions throughout the global jazz scene. During her New York years 2000-2007 Sanni appeared at venues such as the Knitting Factory and the Rainbow Room, Sweet Basil, Blue Note and the Cornelia Street Cafe. She was featured monthly at the Smoke Jazz Club.

Drawing on the Northern tradition, Sanni has worked with various international collaborators, including performances with Charlie Hunter – Bobby Previte Duo, Kirk Nurock’s “Cross-Species” Ensemble, and the Swiss composer George Gruntz’s jazz opera “Magic of a Flute”. She has been featured in NPR’s Jazz Set program, then hosted by Branford Marsalis, and was profiled by PRI’s Jazz Smithsonian in the documentary series “The Jazz Singers”, hosted by Al Jarreau.

Sanni has conducted clinics and workshops around the world, and served on the faculty of the Brooklyn Conservatory, NYC (2001-2007), Pop&Jazz Conservatory, Finland (2007-2014), University of Tampere, Finland (2014-2016), University of Arts in Helsinki, Finland (2014-2018) and the Munich University of Music, Germany (2008- present). She worked three years with the prestigious German director Dieter Dorn in two pieces at the Residenz Theater in Munich of which “Alkestis” was composed, improvised and performed by Sanni alone.

In 2015, Sanni Orasmaa returned to her roots and brought nature and folk music back to her work. She now specializes in Nature Oriented Voice and Performance Training at her company SoundByNature Inc and is one of the first trained Green Care specialists in Finland.